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High-density ECG with asalab

High-density ECG with asalab

Performing high-density ECG measurements with asalab might sound challenging, but has been accomplished recently. ANT developed a solution that can be used to measure high-density ECG to create full chest voltage maps and perform ECG source localization.This is achieved by using a combination of a 32 channel ECG vest, the asalab amplifier and asa analysis software. This solution is applied by the group of prof. dr. rer. Nat. Dietmar Henrich at the Lausitz University of applied sciences.

Groove is in the heart

Based on our experiences with the waveguard EEG electrode cap we've developed an ECG electrode vest with integrated Ag-AgCl shielded electrodes.This allows the user to measure the electrical activity of the heart at 32 positions. Note that a number of the electrodes are positioned on the side and the back of the vest, thus not visible in the picture.

3D chest model

asa software supports the import of different 3D images formats (Dicom, analyze, nifty). These can be images of the head / brain but also of other parts of the body such as the chest. asa's segmentation feature can be used to create a 3D model of a subject's chest.

ECG 3D voltage maps and ECG source localization

In case this is combined with the xensor digitizer the 3D positions of the electrodes on the ECG vest can be digitized and used for high-density ECG voltage maps and ECG source localization. The figure shows a 3D voltage map of the R-wave in QRS-complex of the ECG.







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