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About ANT AP

About ANT AP

ANT AP was founded in 2015 with the purpose to bring ANT closer to its valued partners and customers in the Asia Pacific region. The office handles all sales and support related activities together with ANT distributors in China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

ANT AP forms together with ANT Neuro, ANT Neuro UK, ANT Benelux, ANT NA (North America) and eemagine GmbH the neuromotion group. While eemagine is responsible for the development, production and support of all ANT projects, takes care of a few key accounts and is an established organization for OEM development projects for third parties situated worldwide, ANT AP together with ANT Neuro and ANT NA are responsible for the world-wide sales and marketing of eemagine’s neuroscience, neurocare and neuromodulation products.

ANT Neuro is the marketed brand under the umbrella of the neuromotion group.

The combination of the entities forms fertile grounds for innovation, remarkable product developments and collaborations.

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